As most part of the world are days from shifting the ‘Daylight Saving Time’ back by one hour, I present you one of the most ancient apparatus for keeping time – Sun clock!

sun dial of Ely - England

Sun dial of Ely, England

This is a sundial or shadow clock where the shadow cast by the needle on the wall markings will give out the actual time of the day. In the above snap the time read out by the Sun clock is about 11:50 AM (almost 12 Noon) which is quite accurate indeed – this photo was taken at 11:53 AM GMT.

This great sundial is on the outer side of the south wall of Ely cathedral, Ely, England. The dial face declines slightly west, so more afternoon hours than morning hours are marked. The half-hours are marked by crosses.

The motto in Greek above the dial face means, “Know the (appropriate) time” or “Choose the timely moment”.

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