Kukkarahalli kere, with stone benches neatly placed all along the 1 km lake bund with a serene view to boot has been the ideal spot for budding lovers right from my college days. This may be because of the strategic location of this place, right next to the Mysore University campus. From the past few years this lake has undergone renovation, which has made it very popular among the health conscious population of the city. As a result, this lake is flocked with people sweating it out to cut down on that that extra inch on their waistline.

I came to this place mainly to view the sunset and also because my parents told me that the birds (the winged) over here are more in variety and number than that of Karanji Lake, this I had to check.
I reached this lake around 5 PM and started my circuit around the lake, which amounts to about 4 km’s, one thing nice is they have placed stones mentioning the distance covered all along; very useful for a jogger. The area covered by this lake is almost the same as that of Karanji lake but the birds are further away from the path; the nesting grounds are at a greater distance comparatively, hence even my 12x optical zoom camera couldn’t capture good quality images.

On the extreme right we can see a bird flying home with a twig in its beak, to build its nest. The people in the boat are fishermen, had talked to them earlier, they say that they catch not less than 100 kg’s of fish each time they cast their nets.

Silhouette of tall grass

Viewed the sunset to my hearts content and headed back home. One thing I have observed is we can tolerate to look at the sun only for around ten minutes before it sets, but how beautiful that ten minutes is!
All along my way back I could see flocks of birds returning back home in brilliant formations, such a fine sight, too bad I couldn’t capture those moments in my camera because of low light.

Quote for the day (maybe for life too): ” The purpose of LIFE is to transcend all other purposes ” – R.Ganesh

If anyone thinks that I have understood this quote, this one is beyond me. I’m putting my best efforts to understand it, may god bless me with the wisdom to decipher this quote!

Location: kukkarahalli kere, near Saraswathipuram (around 1 km from my house in Mysore)
Date: 3rd February 2006

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Anoop Hullenahalli

An Electronics Engineer working on wireless embedded systems for a living. Traveling, photographing and sharing my experiences here at ANUBIMB helps me unwind and break the monotony of life.


Sameer · 15 Feb ’06 at 2:55 pm

wow.. second and third one could easily be framed on a wall !

Shruthi · 18 Feb ’06 at 5:08 am

Fantastic snaps!!!

Anonymous · 20 Feb ’06 at 5:08 am

Amazing snaps, esp the second and third. The light effects in the 2nd are esp. good.

Keshav · 20 Feb ’06 at 9:12 am

All three are great! But if you had taken the first one with the trees and the road in exact center, it would have given the snap a more balanced and elegant look. You must have seen the same elegance in the empty street snap. It makes the picture look very balanced and complete.And in case of the third one, had you lied down and tried capturing the sun set over the horizon, along with it’s reflection in water, it easily would have been the best so far.But again, all three stand out.

anoop · 20 Feb ’06 at 11:31 am

Sameer: thanks buddy, but I dont think its so good to be framed..Shruthi: hey, thanks..anonymous: light effects not controlled by me, maybe thats the reason its so good..Keshav: thanks for being a critic.the first photo; maybe ur right, but I dont spend much time thinking when im taking snaps. my intention in this snap was to portray how health conscious mysore people have become nowadays..third photo: I have another snap which has the sun in the background, but didnt put it up. here my intention was to highlight the silhoutte of tall grass against the backdrop of suns reflection.

P Kalyan · 20 Feb ’06 at 10:12 pm

First photo is impressive but nothing much to comment. Last one is good. Never stare at the sun continuously though there is joy in doing so. I think it might affect vision in a long term. Sunset is the believed to be best time to pray god to bless wisdom and I am sure that is why you have put it.I really liked the second one! I could not control thinking that how it would have looked if there were couple in the boat and a pair of birds flying across…!!! I am sure that would have inspired some saint to write another Ramayana!

Soumya · 10 Apr ’15 at 4:37 pm

I like your phrase, ‘Budding lovers’.

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