Place: London
Date: 12th August 2006

After 30 days of uninterrupted work (including weekends) I was just more than glad to have a weekend off. The plan was to spend Saturday in London with my friend (who stays in London) and arrange for a packaged tour to “Stonehenge” and nearby places for Sunday.

I like doing things at my own pace, even travelling. This is one of the reasons I prefer travelling to some places alone. This was my second visit to London and I was very particular about roaming around at a leisurely pace. My friend had no objections for this; he had the entire weekend to waste away.

First priority was to book tickets for the tourist package. We managed to secure the last three tickets (another friend was joining us), the package included – Stonehenge + Salisbury Cathedral + Bath, and it cost a fortune. I had decided beforehand to capture (on digital film) Westminster after dark, which was not to be for another 4-5 hours. Decided to visit Greenwich. The best thing about visiting Greenwich is the DLR (Dockland Light Railways) line to be used for the journey. The trains in these DLR lines are considerably smaller than the regular trains, are completely automated (no driver, he can be seen wandering in the train smiling at people) and top it these lines cover some of the best parts of London. Canary Wharf, one such station along the way, should be one of the most beautiful I have seen till date. When the train stops at this station the high ceiling, the posh interiors gives a very grand feeling, a must see place in London.

Right, now we reached Greenwich at around 5:30 PM. The Greenwich observatory is on a slightly higher elevation than the surrounding places, as a result one can have a good view of the London skyline. The plateau that London is, I don’t think there is any other place in London that can give a better view.

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The tall edifice in the middle is supposedly the tallest one in UK. All these buildings in view are in the Canary Wharf region.

The last admission for Greenwich observatory is at 5:30 PM, we reach there at 5:45 PM. well, this place merits another visit. As we had come so far, we didn’t want the visit to go waste and started exploring the place around the observatory.

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It was a fine day for a jog.

We reached the end of this path, saw the tip of a church over a huge field, crossed the road to take a closer look. The church didn’t look so beautiful as it did from a distance, headed back.

The famed Green Meridian Line.
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The only difference is this particular line is outside the observatory as it vanishes into nothingness in the wilderness below. This snap was taken from the western hemisphere.

Road to the Observatory

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I would love to visit this place again during the fall, with leaves all over the place; it would make a good sight.

Cutty Sark – Clipper Ship (A fast sailing ship used in former times)

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Greenwich Foot tunnel: when we were descending the stairs to this tunnel we had no clue where it would lead us, definitely not under the river Thames. It took us some time to realize that we were actually in a tunnel and that we are under the river Thames.
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We re-surfaced on the other side of the Thames and had a cup of coffee sitting on one of the many benches placed all along the riverbank. I was too tired to click any snaps; besides, I could never have replicated the experience with any number of snaps. Some things have to be just experienced!

Now, we headed back towards London eye, we were lucky; the last trip on the London eye was at 9 PM and it was still 8:30 PM. By the time we made it through the serpentine queue it was 8:50 PM, and our luck ran out – it started raining. One side of the glass cubicle was smothered by rainwater, no photos could be taken from that side, the other side – the side in which Westminster was situated was relatively clear. It took all my experience with this camera to come up with this snap of Westminster.

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Hotels Near Wembley Arena · 29 Apr ’11 at 11:13 am

Fantastic post. You’ve taken some very nice photos as well. I am fascinated by the beauty of our city shown through your camera. It seems like you had a good time in London.

    Anoop · 29 Apr ’11 at 4:30 pm

    Thanks John. My stay in England was a cherishable one. I was put up in

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