Dark Cave is one of the two main caves located in Batu caves hill,  located 15km away from the Kuala Lumpur city centre. The cave is under conservation and there are guided tours for tourists who are not afraid to venture into total darkness or scared of Bats.

Dark Cave comprises of 2km surveyed passages with 7 major sections named A through F and the Great Chamber. Dark Cave contains a diverse range of cave animals and insects which are very uniquely adapted to the cave eco-system and not found anywhere else.

The guided tour costs 37 Ringit per person (700 Indian Rupees)  and lasts for 45 mins. All participants of the tour are provided with a low intensity torch with strict instructions not to flash it at the ceiling as it can agitate the Bats and cover the tour party with ‘Guano’ (Bat shit). An interesting fact is that it is this very same Guano which is the center of the cave ecosystem, which supports a tremendous variety of fauna dependent on the Guano in some way or the other.

Dark cave entrance, malaysia

cave curtain - dark cave - malaysia

Dark Cave has magnificent cave formations – stalactite, stalagmite, flowstone, cave pearls, cave curtains, column and gour pools which has taken mother nature eons to form.

The cave curtains and columns are formed by water dripping down the ceiling. The cave curtains take thousands of years to reach from the ceiling to the ground.

great chamber - dark cave - malaysia

The Great Chamber The skylight in the Great chamber is the only source of light this part of the tunnel.

As in most caves, the Bats are the only animals which venture out of the cave for feeding, hence it is the Bat which has to bring in the nutrition for the cave’s insects and animals. How does the Bat distribute the nutrition, yes, through its shit – Guano. The Dark Cave conservation authorities have carefully preserved a Guano pit 8 feet deep and have built a bridge over the same.One relieving fact about Guano is that it’s almost odorless – else imagine the stench!

The Dark cave has a wind-tunnel where fresh air surges through a narrow passage. If you have wondered why the name ‘Dark Cave’, well, half way through the tour our guide asked us to switch off our hand torches  just to appreciate the fact of how dark the cave was – it was pitch dark – even after a full minute after opening our eyes – the total darkness combined with the surge of fresh air was indeed a spooky experience.

  • Note: All pictures taken in extreme low-light hence the grainy photos. Pictures are taken hand-held with film speed setting of ISO 3200.


Date: Aug 2012
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