Boat at Bison Resort, KabiniAs how you brew a cup of Coffee contributes to the taste where you drink that coffee also matters for the experience of savoring the cuppa. Hence it’s worth mentioning about the unique Coffee drinking experience as arranged by our resort at Kabini – they took us on a small boat-ride to the middle of the Kabini backwater lake and served us coffee in true Royal style!

For the benefit of new visitors at ANUBIMB – Me and Wife did a short vacation (two days) at the Bison Resort Kabini. In the resort we stayed in an African styled tent on a raised wooden platform – usually called as a Macchan. The facilities were bare minimum, but perfectly sufficient. The resort had painstakingly tried to simulate a camping experience detached from civilization, and in my opinion succeeded in the same.

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The Coffee experience

We had requested for the coffee to be served in the middle of the lake – the motor boat manned by two staff took about 20 minutes to reach a spot where they turned off the motor and coffee was served with Marie biscuits. The rocking boat, the cool breeze with the slanting rays of the Sun was the perfect romantic setting to sip hot coffee with the wife by my side!

After the coffee break we went to stroll around a village by name Gandatur, on the opposite bank of the lake. Since we spoke the local tongue the guides from Bison was more than eager to fill us up with the local trivia. If you are an Indian, you already know all of it, if you aren’t the trip to such villages will be very much worth it!

Windmill at a flower field, Gandatur village, Kabini
windmill - flower cultivation at Kabini

It was almost sunset when we headed back to the Bison. I captured the below photo of the Bison resort as the setting Sun graciously illuminated the resort for the last time that day.

The Bison resort, Kabini
The Bison resort kabini

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