When the Chinese occupied Tibet, back in 1959, Indian government set aside a sizeable land space for the fleeing Tibetans near Bylakupee, in Karnataka. Bylakupee is now the second largest Tibetan settlement outside of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

Namdroling Monastery is the largest monastery in Bylakupee. The monastery is famous for the three copper and gold plated statues of Buddha.

guru-padmasambhava-kushalnagar-golden-templeGuru Padmasambhava, a.k.a. Guru Rinpoche

As prophesied by Lord Buddha, Guru Rinpoche was born 12 years after the passing of Buddha. He is considered to be an emanation of Buddha Amitabha. He excelled in the esoteric teachings of Vajrayana Buddhism. In the eight century, the 38th King of Tibet, Trisong Deutsan invited him to Tibet in order to establish Buddhism in the land of snows.

buddha-amitayus-kushalnagar-golden-templeBuddha Amitayus, the Buddha of long life

Buddha Amitayus achieved Buddhahood countless aeons ago but his activity still remains connected with granting long life and extending the lifespan of beings. Whosoever hears the name of Buddha Amitayus will have the length of his life extended. When beings are nearing death, if they touch the letters of Buddha Amitayus’ name, recite his name and mantra, and praise his qualities, their life spans will be extended.

buddha-shakyamuni-kushalnagar-golden-templeBuddha Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism

Buddha Shakyamuni was born to King Shudhodhana and Queen Mayadevi at Lumbini (present day Nepal) on 560 B.C.

Prince Siddhartha (his childhood name), at the young age of 29, leaving the luxuries of palace life, set out to search for an everlasting solution to end the cycle of birth and death, that has tormented all beings from time immemorial. After many years of serious practice, he attained enlightenment under the Boddhi tree in Bodhgaya and became a Buddha (One who knows the reality). The varieties of teachings that Lord Buddha gave to suit the different mentalities of beings can be simply condensed into the profound view of independence of all phenomena and the conduct of non-violence (ahimsa). The middle way approach of Buddhist teachings have inspired millions in the past and continue to do so even to this day.

The statue of Lord Buddha is 60 ft in height (from the base) whereas the height of the other two statues of Guru Padmasambhava and Buddha Amitayus are 58 ft. Inside the statues are scriptures, relics of great beings, small clay mould stupas, and small statues, which symbolize the body, speech and mind of the Buddhas.


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Sarah · 23 Feb ’11 at 12:10 pm

lovely pics…. never knew that there was a settlement of Tibetans here in Karnataka so far away from the border.

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