Bhagandeshwara temple - Coorg

This temple is on the banks of Triveni Sangama (joining point of three rivers). At this place, the Kaveri is joined by two tributaries, the Kannike and the mythical Sujyoti river. Anyone who visit Talakaveri, the birth place of River Kaveri (a.k.a. Cauvery ), would have certainly visited Bhagandeshwara temple; It is a common practice for pilgrims to take a dip in the Triveni Sangama and perform rituals to their ancestors before proceeding to Talakaveri. The hygiene conscious pilgrims nowadays have resorted to a mere wetting of feet (ankle deep) at the Sangama which to their mind sort of procures a gate pass for visiting Talakaveri, whereas the real meaning and purpose of the holy dip (at Sangama) would have been to cleanse one’s sins away and prepare the body and soul for the divine experience ahead at Talakaveri – which is lost in this mundane ritual.


Bhagandeshwara temple embraces the Kerala style of architecture resplendent with beautiful wooden carvings. The temple premises is kept clean and one does feel serene just being inside the place – which is sorely missing in most of the urban temples of today.

Demon (Rakshash) head outside temples, near the doorways, or at the entrance should have some significance as its a common practice in most South Indian temples I have come across. The only reasons I can think of is – it might be highlighting that even the Demons of those times were employed to protect the temples, or more simply put, to instill fear in the disciples entering the temple.
wooden sculptures @ Bagandeshwara temple

The above sculpture is most likely that of Yoga Narasimha (incarnation of lord Vishnu).

Tiled roofing of the temple sanctums. Considering the heavy rainfall this region receives tiled roofing is the most logical choice!

roof style - Bhagandeshwara temple

 Snakes have an important role in the temple design as at each sanctum’s corner a vigilant Indian Cobra with its raised hood is depicted.

Slanting roof with snake - Bagandeshwara temple

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