the other side of Tirupati

Garuda statue Tirupati

There is much more to Tirupati than just the Venkateshwara temple at Tirumala. The Darshan at Tirumala took 5 hours and as we drove all the way to Tirupati from Bangalore it was a very hectic and packed itinerary which left me drained with no time for photography. The anchor image in this post is that of Lord Garuda located at the base of Tirumala mountain.

As per my opening sentence, if Tirumala in Tirupati was not a religious place it would definitely have been a very popular hill destination, the below picture is proof for that.



  1. magiceye says:


  2. This is an awesome shot. Wow

  3. Beautifully photographed with wide angle.

  4. Derebail2008 says:

    i believe some more pictures of this beautiful destination would be in order…….wide angle picture of toll gate is beautiful

    • We had very little time at Tirupati as the Darshana took very long. But you
      are right, this place needs more photos. Will do in future!

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