The national pastime of 20th century Indians was definitely visiting temples and gathering the blessings of every known god. It’s natural then that there will be much rebellion when the same is expected of us (21st century  Indians), but, like our ancestors, our elders too know how to bring us in line when it’s the question of visiting temples.

It all started with an astrologer recommending us to visit a list of temples in Tamilnadu – for unknown sins of known people – for our wellbeing. These visits took place 6 months back – sufficient time for me to forget the names of most of the temples.

Tamilnadu temple gopura

Tamilnadu temple gopura

Here is one of the temple gopuram. It was a small temple on the banks
of river Cauvery – in fact all temples we were told to visit were on this river’s bank – not surprising as the river Cauvery is the most holy river this side of Vindhya mountain. The actual visit itself took less time but it was followed by a holy dip in the serene and polluted river which had already traversed more than 500km from its birth place, Talakaveri in Coorg district of Karnataka.

Holy dip in the river Cauvery - TN

Holy dip in the river Cauvery – TN

There were 3 more temples we visited in that trip. I couldn’t help but notice the unholy nexus between the Astrologer (who sent us here) and the temple pandits (who knew precisely who sent us here). In fact in one such temple the pandit took the name of the astrologer – Chokkalingam. I rest my case!

 P.S. – This post (including the images post-processing) has been drafted from my Nexus 7 while traveling in the office bus!

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