Tamilnadu temple visits

Astrologer driven visits to some of the well known Tamilnadu temples on the banks of river Cauvery. Wondering whether temple visits are the national pastime of Indians!

Somnathpur revisited

>Date of travel: 1st August 2009Place: Somnathpur, Karnataka My first visit to Somnathpur temple was brief and the place was mesmerizing enough to long for another visit. Somnathpur is at a distance of about 35 kms from Mysore (45 mins drive) and presents innumerable opportunities to experiment with the camera and light. The carvings here […]

Hampi – Day 1: Virupaksha Temple

An account of my three day vacation at Hampi, Karanataka. The first day mostly went in visiting the Virupaksha temple and surroundings.

Somnathpur Keshava temple and Nanjangud Nanjundeshwara temple

Any travel plan I conceive of these days is centered around Architecture, more precisely on Temple Architecture. I think this new pursuit is a natural consequence of my recent interest in the Medieval History of India (550 – 1526 AD) combined with my inclination towards photography. Before undertaking some grand travel plans to visit some […]