Photographing Sunsets

Capturing a sunset with both the Sun and the surrounding scene in one exposure is a challenge. Here I have presented some example sunset photographs and the hurdles I had to overcome to capture the same.

Photographing the Moon

A Supermoon is a full or new moon that coincides with a close approach by the Moon to the Earth. According to astronomers, on March 19 2011, Saturday, the moon was 3,56,577km away from the earth as compared to 3,64,000km, because of which the moon would be 14% bigger and 28% brighter compared to normal days.

Image Post Processing Workflow – Mounted police HQ, Mysore

On the way back from one of my (many) photo shoots at Chamundi Hill, I chanced upon the Mounted police band (KARP – Karnataka Armed Reserve Police) performing in abandon. Though it was a disciplined routine for the performers, the music emanating was splendid. Fortunately I had on me my tripod which I setup in […]

Image Cropping – Fire Breather

  This was one of my prized captures of last year and as with most prized captures this one too needed an element of luck. I was using the Nikon 50mm (which doesn’t auto-focus on my Nikon D40) when the fire breather entered the foray. It was sheer timing to have pressed the shutter button […]