Garden Rhapsody – Singapore

A slideshow of the Garden Rhapsody event which takes place at the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

Chamundi temple gopura in the night

This is one of my favorite captures of all time. I had a tripod, lots of time and for company, two good friends.

Happy New Year – Chamundi Temple Gopura

Dearest Readers, Wish you all a fantastic new year. I hope your life is filled with just the right measure of all emotions, but with the presence of abundant Love! I hope you keep visiting and enjoying this blog! Always, Anoop

Spiti to Kinnaur Trek: Day 3 – Kara to Muling, scenic camp site

Day 3 of the trek was relatively easy – we had to cover a distance of 13kms, which was only downhill; after the Bhabha pass crossing, anything would have appeared easy! But our travails were far from over: It snowed rather heavily the previous night, which was rather un-expected when we camped in the evening. […]