Know your India – Snake statues

  Most of us (Indians) would have observed these kind of Snake statues at various places in India. This is a simple – multiple choice – picture quiz on how much you understand about those Snake statues. More information on the Indian custom of establishing snake statues is provided here.

Know your India – Fishing Nets

And, your friendly neighborhood ‘Know-your-India’ is back!! The picture is that of a Fishing net, you need to tell me which part of India these fishing nets are used more commonly in this picture quiz. Each Fishing net comprises a cantilever with an outstretched net suspended over the sea. Large stones suspended from ropes act […]

Know your India – City and Street

Take a look at the picture of the street, looks familiar? Take the picture quiz and try to guess the location. Hint: The location is one of the capitals of an Indian state. That should make it easy!

Know your India – Fish catching Bird

Know your India – Temple on a hill

  Hint: This temple is on top of a hillock of a bustling city, built during the rule of Peshwa dynasty. You have multiple attempts to guess the Answer in this picture quiz so go ahead and click on any option!

Know your India – Chieftain on Horse

Multiple choice Picture Quiz on India. The Chieftain in this quiz was the last ruler of his kingdom. Plenty of hints inlaid into the picture quiz. Have fun guessing.