Aerial photo of Maldives Island

Camera settings to be used for capturing and post-processing Aerial photos. An example aerial photo of a Maldives Island shown in this post.

Maldivian sea side

This particular snap was taken with flash turned ON. The white pebbles on the shoreline do justice to the contrast this sunset deserves. Picture taken at Kandooma island, Holiday Inn, Maldives Rising of sea levels is no longer an isolated idea but a global phenomenon. The people of Maldives live under this future threat constantly; […]

Hermit Crab

Unlike Crabs these Decapod (ten legged) Crustaceans walk in a straight line, and facing forward. The one in the picture seemed to be in no hurry. The moment I toppled the Crab, it retracted itself completely into the shell and came out the very next moment and started walking as though it didn’t care about […]