Mahishasura statue, Mysore

This gigantic statue of Mahishasura (Mahisha Demon) is on top of the Chamundi Hill of Mysore. In fact, Mysore gets its name from him, that is how prominent and (in)famous he was according to our mythology!

Chamundi temple gopura in the night

This is one of my favorite captures of all time. I had a tripod, lots of time and for company, two good friends.

Sunset from Chamundi Hill

Place: Chamundi Hill, Mysore Date: 23rd Dec 2008 Dear Readers, Wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope the passing year has set as gracefully as the Sun and wish that the New Year brings with it peace and happiness to all. Always, Anoop

Chamundi Hill

Chamundi Hill is the most famous landmark of Mysore. The hill is 335 m high with a temple on top, besides a road it can be approached by 1000 steps.