Spiti to Kinnaur Trek: Day 3 – Kara to Muling, scenic camp site

Day 3 of the trek was relatively easy – we had to cover a distance of 13kms, which was only downhill; after the Bhabha pass crossing, anything would have appeared easy! But our travails were far from over: It snowed rather heavily the previous night, which was rather un-expected when we camped in the evening. […]

Spiti to Kinnaur Trek: Day 2 – Bhabha Pass

The longest and toughest day of the trek. Starting from the first days camp @4050m we had to cross the Bhabha Pass @4900m and from there we had to climb down to an elevation of around 4100m to reach the evenings camping ground near a place called Kara, covering a distance of 17-18 kms in the process.

Spiti to Kinnaur trek: Day 1 – Mudh to Paldor

The first day of the trek was considered to be relatively easy – from Mudh @ 3850m we had to reach Paldor @ 4050 m (14 km). The second day was considered to be the toughest – from Paldor we had to cross Bhabha pass @ 4900 m and climb down to a camping site near Kara @ 3800 m (15 km). The third day from Kara to Mulling @ 3100 m (13 km). fourth day, Mulling to Kafnu @ 2450 m (14 km). In four days, we were supposed to cover a distance of around 60 km, and in the process gain an elevation of 1000 m and lose about 2500 m.