Rourke Bridge

Place: Lowell, Massachusetts
Date: 8th July 2007

This Bridge spans the Merrimack River and has a foot crossing which is rarely used by people. We usually use this foot bridge to cross the river and jog all along the river bank. The foot bridge, though it serves the purpose swings, shakes and rattles with every moving vehicle zipping by, and if the vehicle’s slightly on the heavier side one can loose their foothold while jogging, if not careful.

I wanted to take some outdoor pictures using my new camera and there was no better place within walking distance of our apartment. We left our apartment at 7:30 PM, on summer days sun sets are usually at 8:30 to 9:00 PM, but it being a cloudy day, the light was generally poor.

Panoramic view of the Bridge across the river: Bridge visible for the discerning eye.
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Exif info: Mode = Manual, Focal Length = 18mm, F-Number = F/7.1, Exposure Time = 1/30 sec, ISO speed = 800, White Balance = Cloudy, Exposure Compensation = -0.3


On our way back, while crossing the footbridge, it was around 8:45 PM.
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Exif info: Mode = Manual, Focal Length = 38mm, F-Number = F/4.8, Exposure Time = 1/15 sec, ISO speed = 1600, White Balance = Cloudy, Exposure Compensation = -0.3


I am very impressed by the low light performance of this camera. BTW, the camera in question is Nikon D40, my first Digital SLR. This camera comes with an 18-55mm kit lens. In a few days I will have in my possession a 55-200mm Vibration Resistance lens, which gives an effective zoom of 11.11x, from 18mm (wide angle) to 200mm (telephoto).


  1. >Very nice indeed. The first image is very nice. The second one has a little noticable noise, which I assume is due to high ISO. I suppose a slower shutter speed would have been better.

  2. >Liked the fist one!

  3. Anonymous says:

    >VR = Vibration _Reduction_

    Could’ve tried a receding perspective photograph of the walkway ?

  4. >keshav – the scene in the first photograph was, well, there to be taken. Still, I’m surprised at the low noise at ISO 800. Yes, the second photo has visible noise, taken at ISO 1600.

    Chitra – I liked the second one better! 😛

    anonG – thanks for the expansion of VR. receding perspective… hmmm.. i was more interested in the spiraling pattern created by the mesh, will try what you said the next time i go there.

  5. P Kalyan says:

    >Nice photos…looks like nice camera.
    But I feel “life” is missing in these pictures!

  6. P Kalyan says:

    >Hey…second photo has “life” but you need to see complete photo in one screen.

  7. >People should read this.

  8. >u r simply cool man!!!
    gr8 effort in shooting gr8!!

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