Panoramas are created by stitching together two or more photographs.

Tel-Aviv beach, Israel

Click on the panorama above to view a larger image. These photos were taken using my Nexus 5 phone camera; accidentally discovered them after all these days when going through the automatic photo backup by Google. Love Android. Love Google!

Indian flag @ National Military Memorial, Bangalore

At 213 feet, the flag pole erected at the National Military Memorial on T Chowdaiah Road in Bangalore is arguably the tallest in India. The Indian national tricolor flag — measuring 48 feet wide, 72 feet tall and weighing 31 kg — is reckoned to be the largest hoisted in India.

Dead Sea panorama from Masada

View of the barren plains of Dead sea from Masada national park in Israel. This is one of the driest and most desolate part of Israel and is very close to the Jordanian border, in fact in this photo you can even see Jordan just below the horizon.

Temple mount – Jerusalem old city

Panoramic view of the Temple mount in the old city of Jerusalem.

Bison Resort – Kabini

What to Expect Serene calmness – the kind which you can only get at a waterfront. Good food – though its a set menu the cook was open to requests for the next days menu. Exclusivity – there are only seven Tents and two Machans. We stayed in a Machan Lots of spare time Friendly staff […]

Lalbagh park benches at dusk

Have you ever walked in the Lalbagh park, Bangalore, during evenings? You should, it’s just very romantic. It was late September, a couple of years ago – had taken the missus to show the Lalbagh park. She having spent most of her years in Bangalore had surprisingly never visited the same. After a (content) late […]

Bus ride from Manali to Kaza – Himachal Pradesh

Photo taken during the bus ride from Manali to Kaza in Himachal Pradesh, India. Search the directions for Manali to Kaza on Google Maps, Google shows the distance as 203 kms and also suggests the travel time as 4 hours 10 minutes – our bus ride took more than 12 hours (5 am to 5:30 […]

Supertrees of Gardens by the Bay

In this Panorama Marina Bay Sands (huge three column building balancing a boat) is shown in the background of the Supertrees. We can also view the elevated walkway running between two of the larger Supertrees.

Himalayas from Bhabha pass, Himachal Pradesh

Panorama view of the Himalayas during the descent from Bhabha pass on the second day of our Spiti-Kinnaur trek in Himachal Pradesh.

Vittalaraya Temple, Hampi

Panorama view of the Vittalaraya temple of Hampi with Anjaneya hill forming the background.