Place: Cambridge city centre, near Grafton (shopping complex)
Date: 28-12-06

I’m not the person who generally uses his camera in a crowded place. But, the scene was so beautifully set-up that i couldn’t resist the moment i saw it. New Square is a narrow piece of garden which one has to cross while walking from the city centre to Grafton centre. While walking on this stretch towards Grafton centre, i just happened to lift my head skywards: clear sky, 4:30 PM, sun had set just minutes back, the south western sky was glowing in a violet-orange hue, the moon was in its ‘First Quarter’ phase.

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The blot of light at the centre is the moon! To the naked eye it was very beautiful, what can i do.

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Even winter has its own beauty.

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above photos taken without using tripod, hence the blur due to shake.

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Anoop Hullenahalli

An Electronics Engineer working on wireless embedded systems for a living. Traveling, photographing and sharing my experiences here at ANUBIMB helps me unwind and break the monotony of life.


Shruthi · 6 Jan ’07 at 11:23 am

>Hey, the moon looks beautiful even here, so don’t worry! 😉 Lovely dark snaps!

anoop · 6 Jan ’07 at 10:06 pm

>@Shruthi: I’m disapointed. the real scene was so much more better.
I will not have my tripod when i need it the most. 🙁

Keshav · 9 Jan ’07 at 9:31 am

>Are the photos taken in ISO 400 mode? There is a lot of noise in all the photos. But thy look beautiful as always!

anoop · 9 Jan ’07 at 10:31 pm

>yes keshav. no sufficient light for taking picture at lower film speed.

Poo · 25 Jan ’07 at 1:45 pm

>really beautiful picturessss :))

Anonymous · 3 Feb ’07 at 6:53 pm

>Hallo! 😉
hey… what crazy comments!
what do U suppose about it?

P Kalyan · 7 Feb ’07 at 8:18 pm

>Hmm… it is difficult to match God’s natural camera!:) May be you can try using photoshop in such cases to add effects. Anyway I think these photos remind you the experience you had.

Sanjay M · 12 Mar ’07 at 8:16 am

>fantastic blog in general and loved these pictures in particular. As a fellow-moon lover thought you’d appreciate another article I’d come across: More people go mad on full moon day… 🙂

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