At 213 feet, the flag pole erected at the National Military Memorial on T Chowdaiah Road in Bangalore is arguably the tallest in India. The Indian national tricolor flag — measuring 48 feet wide, 72 feet tall and weighing 31 kg — is reckoned to be the largest hoisted in India.

National Military Memorial - Bangalore

There you go, Bangalore will no longer be known just for its pubs, gardens or shopping malls; we also have the biggest flag in India! I was riding my bike when I saw this Indian flag. It was visible from quite a distance towering over the trees and fluttering in its fully spread glory – I immediately stopped my bike and tried to gauge the location, which luckily was along the way I had been heading, so went to the entrance and parked the bike to take a panorama of the same. For those of you who are familiar with Bangalore, this is right next to Indira Gandhi Musical fountain.

Some more trivia:

The flag was hoisted on Jan 23 2014. The pole weighs around 12.5 tonnes. The flag is hoisted with the support of an iron rope using a remote control. The process of hoisting the flag to such a height takes about six minutes. The flag and the mast have been donated by the Flag Foundation of India, New Delhi, an organisation engaged in promoting the spirit of nationalism and patriotism. The flag is stitched with knitted polyester fabric and is expected to withstand the vagaries of the weather. The cost of the entire project was around Rs. 40 lakh.
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Roy dtdc · 4 Nov ’15 at 1:01 pm

Good post. Showed that there is some thing else in Banglore apart from those IT companies, malls, pubs and all those stuff. The biggest flag!!! It was really a new info.

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