Lalbagh Blues


It was one fine cloudy evening at Bangalore. We had a late lunch at the famous MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Roms) and headed to Lalbagh through the west gate. As there was a persistent drizzle the walk through the lush garden was even more pleasing. The plentiful greenery and fresh oxygen recharged the senses, and prepared me for few more weeks of life amidst the concrete jungle. Wife was in a talkative mood and was filling me on details from her school/college days. Thus, with my ears on her and eyes on the camera I took some snaps.

lalbagh path bangalore

We climbed the small hillock where the Kempegowda tower is situated and took in the expanse of Bangalore’s now emerging skyline. To my knowledge, this is one of the best natural vantage points of Bangalore.

as I said, Love was in the air…
lalbagh gardens couple bangalore

Later, we walked towards the glass house which was then being lit. I observed a little Nandi statue near the fountain side of the glass house which I hadn’t noticed before; a little kid was playing on it.

Nandi statue
Nandi statue Lalbagh gardens bangalore

I used the Nikon 50mm lens on my Nikon D40 for taking the above pics.


  1. Nice shots buddy.

  2. Anoop,
    First one is too good.

  3. Maniunath says:

    Bokeh in Nandi image has come out brilliantly…


  4. sumanth – thanks
    paresh – took the snap while seated on a similar bench and there was a slight drizzle. I like the snap too
    manjunath – thanks, the bokeh is due to the 50mm F/1.8D lens. updated meta info for the last two snaps, take a look.

  5. Manjunath says:

    Thanks for the details Anup…

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