The Gateway of Kakatiya Dynasty

Kakatiya dynasty was a Telugu dynasty which ruled over most of present day Andhra Pradesh with Warangal as its capital.

Gateway of Kakatiya Dynasty

This great gateway is one of their signature structures and part of the palace ruins on display in Warangal. The stone architecture of yesteryear I doubt if we will ever see it again in this age of quick setting cement!


  1. A beautiful capture, as ususal. This place is really an interesting one. So near to the capital, and easy to access.

    I liked that lake view, the way the artifacts were arranged.
    A great legacy .

  2. Wow. First time here and am I happy to have stumbled upon this blog 🙂 Lovely articles. Loved the “Know your India” section. I got here looking for information about the Dudhsagar trek.

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