Bison Resort – Kabini

The Bison Resort,Kabini, is one of the many resorts that have sprung on the northern banks of the Kabini backwaters, bordering the Nagarhole national park of Karnataka.

Bison Resort - Macchan

If you close your eyes and try to imagine a place filled with serenity, devoid of TV, internet, noise and pollution – The Bison resort Kabini would be it! Though our visit to the Bison resort was for 2 days we have forged memories which will easily last for a lifetime.

What to Expect

  • Serene calmness – the kind which you can only get at a waterfront.
  • Good food – though its a set menu the cook was open to requests for the next days menu.
  • Exclusivity – there are only seven Tents and two Machans. We stayed in a Machan
  • Lots of spare time
  • Friendly staff


What not to expect

  • Technology, Internet, Televisions – there are no signs of the same, for a good reason though!
  • Close encounters with animals – The forest boundaries are well barricaded with solar fencing, keeps away elephants. The safaris (twice a day) are conducted by the forest authorities and cost an additional 1350/- Re per person. Tiger/Leapord sightings are rare when the Kabini backwater levels are high, so plan your visit accordingly.



  • The last 12 kms are bad (tar roads are being laid as I write now), so set aside minimum of 45 mins for the same, and plan your journey in a vehicle with a reasonable ground clearance to avoid cringing moments. I used a Maruthi Suzuki Swift and it sailed.

Bison Resort - panorama


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