Awana Genting resortsThe Awana Genting Highland resort is the perfect getaway from the crowded Genting Highland, which resembles a marketplace. Located just 10 min bus ride from the main Genting Highland its clustered among thick vegetation and rolling hills.

The hotel is a 20+ storey circular tower with rooms on the outer edge. We occupied the 19th floor with a balcony opening to a splendid view. I can still remember the chill that spread through the room as our Hotel tower was engulfed by low lying clouds.

view from Awana Genting resort -18th floor

Food options

Rajawali coffee house: Serves breakfast buffets and à la carte other times. Very tasty Malay and Thai cuisines.
Flavours Cafe: Live music and western menu with bar. The live band even sung us a hindi song ‘kuch kuch hota hai’ without knowing the meaning of a single word!
Korean restaurant

Other features

– Heated swimming pool and jacuzzi
– Spa and health club
– Foot reflexology: highly recommend this, but be very specific on how much pressure you need applied.
– Golf course

Anoop Hullenahalli

An Electronics Engineer working on wireless embedded systems for a living. Traveling, photographing and sharing my experiences here at ANUBIMB helps me unwind and break the monotony of life.


Arti · 1 Feb ’13 at 8:40 am

Nice and crisp review. Would love to check this one when traveling to Malaysia!

    anoopha · 1 Feb ’13 at 8:58 am

    @Arti Thanks. Ironically we chose this Hotel as rooms were not available on other hotels of Genting. The only problem is the lack of frequent buses (hourly) between the the main Genting Highland and Awana, which was OK for us as we weren’t that keen on spending much time at the crowded Genting highland complex .

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