New York – Part 2

Date: August – September 2007 Place: New York Though my assignment was in Lowell, Massachusetts, I had arranged to fly out of New York after completion of my assignment. This way I could spend few more days blissfully in the company of my friends in the great city of NY. The first three photos in […]

Sunset and Moonrise on Merrimack River

Date: 26th August 2007, Sunday Place: Merrimack River, Lowell, Massachusetts It was yet another one-day weekend – had to work on Saturday. The weeks stress had taken its toll and I found myself taking a late afternoon nap, very un-characteristic of me, can’t remember the last time I took an afternoon nap hmm… the result […]

New York – Part 1

Date: August 4th 2007 Place: New York After nearly three weeks of un-ending work, this trip to New York City (NYC) was a welcome break. More than the excitement of visiting a new place I was eager to meet my college buddies, Jayanth and Vamshi. Times Square: this place is famous for huge number of […]

Whale watching at Boston

Whale watching Cruises are one of the best attractions on offer at Boston Harbor. I got to view 2-3 Humpback Whales during this cruise.

Rourke Bridge

Place: Lowell, Massachusetts Date: 8th July 2007 This Bridge spans the Merrimack River and has a foot crossing which is rarely used by people. We usually use this foot bridge to cross the river and jog all along the river bank. The foot bridge, though it serves the purpose swings, shakes and rattles with every […]