Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna

Sangolli Rayanna was a prominent warrior from Karnataka, India. He was the army chief of the Kingdom of Kittur ruled at the time by Rani Chennamma and fought the British East India Company till his death. This statue is located at the north corner of the Bangalore (BMTC) Kempegowda bus stand.

Rani Abbakka Devi

Rani Abbakka Devi Chowta was the Queen of Ullal who fought the Portuguese in the latter half of the 16th century. The statue is located at the junction of Chord Rd and Rajkumar Rd in front of the Mysore Soap factory.

Kambada Narasimha of Kote Betta

Kambada Narasimha is an avatar of Lord Vishnu wherein he kills a Rakshas by name Hiranyakashipu. This statue is at the top of ‘Kote Betta’ (Kote Hill).

Lakshminarayana statue of Halebidu

Monkey statue @ Monkey forest, Ubud, Bali

A Monkey statue covered in algae at Monkey forest, Ubud, Bali. I have started this new section in my website – “Image Manipulation” – where I intend to talk more about Photography than about the subjects being photographed. I am but a beginner in this vast field. Here, I will try to share some basic concepts […]

Bylakupee Golden temple

When the Chinese occupied Tibet, back in 1959, Indian government set aside a sizeable land space for the fleeing Tibetans near Bylakupee, in Karnataka. Bylakupee is now the second largest Tibetan settlement outside of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. Namdroling Monastery is the largest monastery in Bylakupee. The monastery is famous for the three copper and gold […]

the other side of Tirupati

There is much more to Tirupati than just the Venkateshwara temple at Tirumala. The Darshan at Tirumala took 5 hours and as we drove all the way to Tirupati from Bangalore it was a very hectic and packed itinerary which left me drained with no time for photography. The anchor image in this post is […]

Statues of Bali

Photographs of statues in Bali, Indonesia. Bali being a Hindu majority state has statues of Hindu gods and mythical characters from Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Buddha statue and Birla mandir – Hyderabad

Date: 22 June 2008 Place: Hyderabad Recently I shifted to Hyderabad after staying in Bangalore for 5 years; hence, naturally, this blogspace will host more photos from this region. 😉 Birla Mandir: The temple is located on a hillock called Kala Pahad adjacent to Hussain sagar lake. This temple is also called ‘God’s Marble Home’, […]