Mysore Dasara procession, 400th year

Pictures of 400th Mysore Dasara festival. Mysore Dasara is the ‘state festival’ of Karnataka started in 15th Century under the rule of Vijayanagar dynasty.

Colours of Mysore Dasara procession

The procession is as much a treat to the ear as it is to the eye. The dance troupes, the tableaux, music bands and the grandeur of the decorated Elephants are somethings to be experienced by viewing the procession from close quarters, which I had had never done till then. This year I managed to […]

Kusti at Mysore Dasara

Kusti (Mud wrestling) is a popular sport of India. In Kusti, a player can only win by forcing the opponent’s back to the ground.

First day of Mysore Dasara ’09

Its a visual delight to visit Mysore during the Dasara festivities. The place near Jaya Chamarajendra Circle is always bustling with activity during Dasara.