Floating in Dead Sea

Dead sea is 34.2% salt and rest water – which is about 9.6 times more salty than ocean water – making it denser than our Human body helping us float without any effort. Also, the surface is 427 meters below sea level making it the lowest known place on Earth. The Dead Sea gets its name due to the absence of any life forms in its water.

Masada – the last Jewish fortress

Masada is an ancient fortress ruin located atop a barren rock plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. Masada is historically important to Jews and one of the most popular tourist destinations of Israel. It was at Masada where one of the last known Jewish resistance came to an end during the First Jewish-Roman war.

Old city of Acre – Israel

Acre (Hebrew: עַכּוֹ, ʻAkko; Arabic: عكّا‎) is a city in the northern coastal plain region of northern Israel at the northern extremity of Haifa Bay. Acre is one of the oldest continuously inhabited sites in the world.

Church of Mary Magdalene – Jerusalem

The Church of Mary Magdalene is situated on the slope of Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. The Church with its golden onion domes is one of the most recognizable landmark that side of Jerusalem.

Street Drummer at Tel Aviv

Sea of Galilee, Tiberias, Israel

It must be evident to you by now that I’m at Israel on work, and in my spare time I’m doing what I do best – travel photography! Two weeks back we (me and two colleagues) went on a two day trip to Tiberias city located on the banks of Galilee Sea (a.k.a. Lake Tiberias). […]