Cycling Hyderabad to Bidar – 140 kms

Disclaimer: The cycle ride illustrated below was performed after much training and acclimatizing to hot/dry weather conditions, please don’t attempt such rides without understanding the impact of weather or the effort drain on your body. There, I have put the disclaimer out upfront as I don’t want anyone to underestimate the effort as I did […]

105km cycle trip: Hyderabad suburbs

Lately I’m very much into cycling. I own a Firefox Fusion (MTB). I cycle to every place possible, which includes office and gym, so practically my day starts and ends on a cycle. Before this trip, I had been to two 60 kms and a 90km cycle trip. The experience from them has just made […]

Cambridge to Grantchester by cycle

Cycling (photographic) journey from Cambridge to Grantchester.