Sun clock of Ely, England

As most part of the world are days from shifting the ‘Daylight Saving Time’ back by one hour, I present you one of the most ancient apparatus for keeping time – Sun clock! This is a sundial or shadow clock where the shadow cast by the needle on the wall markings will give out the […]

One of my last visits to Cambridge

Parkers piece St. Andrews Street Abandoned cycle on the same street, as the cost to get it back in running condition is probably more than getting a new one. I had rented my bi-cycle, so maintenance was free, the shop owner was literally laughing at me for actually renting the cycle for a period of […]

New Square – Cambridge

Place: Cambridge city centre, near Grafton (shopping complex) Date: 28-12-06 I’m not the person who generally uses his camera in a crowded place. But, the scene was so beautifully set-up that i couldn’t resist the moment i saw it. New Square is a narrow piece of garden which one has to cross while walking from […]

Cambridge – Trinity Street

A photographic account of the central Cambridge area, around the Trinity street.

Punting in Cambridge

Punting is a kind of boating practiced on the river Cam, Cambridge, with a flat bottomed boat and a long stick with which you push the river bottom.