Image Post Processing Workflow – Mounted police HQ, Mysore

On the way back from one of my (many) photo shoots at Chamundi Hill, I chanced upon the Mounted police band (KARP – Karnataka Armed Reserve Police) performing in abandon. Though it was a disciplined routine for the performers, the music emanating was splendid. Fortunately I had on me my tripod which I setup in […]

New York – Part 2

Date: August – September 2007 Place: New York Though my assignment was in Lowell, Massachusetts, I had arranged to fly out of New York after completion of my assignment. This way I could spend few more days blissfully in the company of my friends in the great city of NY. The first three photos in […]

New York – Part 1

Date: August 4th 2007 Place: New York After nearly three weeks of un-ending work, this trip to New York City (NYC) was a welcome break. More than the excitement of visiting a new place I was eager to meet my college buddies, Jayanth and Vamshi. Times Square: this place is famous for huge number of […]

Greenwich in night

Place: London Date: 28th Jan 2007 This was my last leisurely visit to London, I was to travel back to India on 4th of Feb 2007. The initial plan was to visit Wimbledon grounds and take a guided tour, my friends who had done a tour of Lords cricket ground the previous day were keen […]

One of my last visits to Cambridge

Parkers piece St. Andrews Street Abandoned cycle on the same street, as the cost to get it back in running condition is probably more than getting a new one. I had rented my bi-cycle, so maintenance was free, the shop owner was literally laughing at me for actually renting the cycle for a period of […]