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Himalayas from Bhabha pass, Himachal Pradesh

Panorama view of the Himalayas during the descent from Bhabha pass on the second day of our Spiti-Kinnaur trek in Himachal Pradesh.

Vittalaraya Temple, Hampi

Panorama view of the Vittalaraya temple of Hampi with Anjaneya hill forming the background.

Instagram: Plastic toys & Soap bubbles of Chickpet Bangalore

Brass and Copper collection

This photo of ‘Brass and Copper collection’ is taken at Annapoorneshwari temple at Sri kshetra Horanadu which is situated on the banks of river Bhadra in a remote corner of Chikamagalur district, Karnataka. On asked about the shining of the lamp and utensils they replied that they use primarily Tamarind and Sabena (an Indian dish […]

Kambada Narasimha of Kote Betta

Kambada Narasimha is an avatar of Lord Vishnu wherein he kills a Rakshas by name Hiranyakashipu. This statue is at the top of ‘Kote Betta’ (Kote Hill).

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Aerial photo of Maldives Island

Camera settings to be used for capturing and post-processing Aerial photos. An example aerial photo of a Maldives Island shown in this post.