Archives for February 2013

Indian Pond Heron

The Indian Pond Heron are widespread and common but can be easily missed because of their camouflaging. Snap taken at Karanji Kere, Mysore.

Reflections at Karanji lake

The reflections of the tiny island and overhanging branches at Karanji lake, Mysore.

Instagram: Cycle lane at Jayanagar, Bangalore!

Peacock in flight

This photo of a Flying Peacock was captured at Karanji lake, Mysore.

Eurasian Coot

This is the first time I observed these birds (Eurasian Coot) at Karanji Kere, Mysore.

Instagram: Karanji kere

Crumbling Granite

This crumbling Granite landscape forms the banks of Nagarjuna Sagar catchment area, Andhra Pradesh. The vertically split Granite stones are something unique to this place.

Stone skipping

Stone skipping is an activity every one of us would have tried. It involves throwing a stone with considerable force making the stone bounce or skip over the water surface; much depends on the shape of the stone and angle at which you throw the stone.

Riot of colours at Flower Dome, Singapore

Instagram: Sir, these flowers of Hebbal are for all seasons!