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Dark cave of Batu caves hill, Malaysia

A guided tour through Dark cave of Batu cave hills, Malaysia. Dark cave supports an unique animal life which are solely dependent on Guano (bat shit).

Lord Murugan statue, Malaysia

Trivia 42.7 m in height 24 million rupees spent for the statue 250 tons of Steel bars, 1,550 cubic meters of Concrete, and 300 liters of gold paint used 15 sculptors from India  

Plan your Singapore vacation!

A guide to plan your very own vacation in Singapore with a detailed break of the costs in Indian rupees. This is not an extensive guide for visiting Singapore but it will help you in planning your very own, personalized, private and one of its kind trip to Singapore!

Know your India – Snake statues

  Most of us (Indians) would have observed these kind of Snake statues at various places in India. This is a simple – multiple choice – picture quiz on how much you understand about those Snake statues. More information on the Indian custom of establishing snake statues is provided here.

Garden Rhapsody – Singapore

A slideshow of the Garden Rhapsody event which takes place at the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.