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Elephants of Kabini

Last week we made a short visit to Kabini and had the privilege to meet a few Elephants under training.  The lone Tusker This Tusker was heading into the forest with the Mahout and his curious little son. There was a certain elegance in its gait as it swayed from left to right – truly […]

Know your India – Fishing Nets

And, your friendly neighborhood ‘Know-your-India’ is back!! The picture is that of a Fishing net, you need to tell me which part of India these fishing nets are used more commonly in this picture quiz. Each Fishing net comprises a cantilever with an outstretched net suspended over the sea. Large stones suspended from ropes act […]

Lakshminarayana statue of Halebidu

Bharachukki waterfall

Bharachukki waterfall is one of the two waterfalls formed by River Kaveri splitting to make the island town of Shivanasamudra, the other one being Gaganachukki waterfall. This is a segmented waterfall. Segmented waterfalls occur where the water flow is broken into two or more channels before dropping over a cliff, resulting in multiple side by side waterfalls.