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Know your India – Temple on a hill

  Hint: This temple is on top of a hillock of a bustling city, built during the rule of Peshwa dynasty. You have multiple attempts to guess the Answer in this picture quiz so go ahead and click on any option!

Auto Contrast, Auto Levels and Auto Color

A short introduction on basic Image processing techniques – Auto Contrast, Auto Levels and Auto Color.

Kotilingeshwara: 1 crore Shiva lingas

Kotilingeshwara quite literally means 1 crore Shiva Lingas. Kotilingeshwara has more than 33 lakh Shiva lingas and has the biggest Shiva linga in the world.

Know your India – Chieftain on Horse

Multiple choice Picture Quiz on India. The Chieftain in this quiz was the last ruler of his kingdom. Plenty of hints inlaid into the picture quiz. Have fun guessing.