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Image Cropping – Fire Breather

  This was one of my prized captures of last year and as with most prized captures this one too needed an element of luck. I was using the Nikon 50mm (which doesn’t auto-focus on my Nikon D40) when the fire breather entered the foray. It was sheer timing to have pressed the shutter button […]

Coorg on road

This post is about some sights one would generally encounter on a road trip to Coorg. This post is by no means doing justice to the lush green meadows, sprawling coffee plantations or the numerous hillocks one would usually see in Coorg. This is just but a glimpse of Coorg I could capture when I wasn’t on the drivers seat.

Bylakupee Golden temple

When the Chinese occupied Tibet, back in 1959, Indian government set aside a sizeable land space for the fleeing Tibetans near Bylakupee, in Karnataka. Bylakupee is now the second largest Tibetan settlement outside of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. Namdroling Monastery is the largest monastery in Bylakupee. The monastery is famous for the three copper and gold […]

Discontinuing Guest-Image-Weekly section

For now I will be stopping the guest-image-weekly section on this website and planning to re-introduce it later with changes in the format and rules! There are multiple reasons to do this, the most important being: Few contributions, hence sparse competition Guest images and my photographic work on the same website created confusion on the […]

the other side of Tirupati

There is much more to Tirupati than just the Venkateshwara temple at Tirumala. The Darshan at Tirumala took 5 hours and as we drove all the way to Tirupati from Bangalore it was a very hectic and packed itinerary which left me drained with no time for photography. The anchor image in this post is […]